Memo for working with social accounts


1. We use only antidetect browser for accounts!

2. Log in to your account only via login:password, setting the user agent that comes with the kit (cookies for experienced craftsmen who know how to use them).

3. For one account, use one proxy and one profile in the detect browser, you can buy static or mobile. It is recommended to use pure static proxies


1) we enter the account through the anti-detect browser with a proxy and let it lie down for 1 day, thereby letting the acc get used to the hardware).

2) We go in a day and farm the account ourselves for 1 hour (scroll through the feed, follow the links from the feed, if you see an ad, then be sure to poke on it (the trust increases). Accurate farm, without sudden movements

3) Follow the link in “Ads Manager“ or link the BM, then link the card, then give a rest for 1-2 hours.

PAY ATTENTION (On the first or second day, we do not create a pixel!)

4) Feel free to go and create an advertising campaign. First run, scheme: Traffic - (1 campaign - 1 group - 1 ad) daily budget max $20

PAY ATTENTION (It is impossible to create new campaigns or adsets until 2 billings are written off!)

5) FAN PAGE is created last, when creating an ad‼️

p.s do not create BM manually on accounts (there will be a check or a ban in 80% of cases), we only buy and knit and you will have a profit.


How to get around:

1. Go to social acc, go to settings and add your number.

2. After you have linked and confirmed the number, update the page on which BM is open

3. Choose your number, receive SMS, calmly continue to work

Inside: in order not to smack your SIM cards, use paid SMS services

Often, after unlocking your account, your ad or adset will remain unavailable for publication. Duplicate them, remove those unavailable for publication and publish.


Memo for working with BM

           What are invitations to BM?

These are special links by which you can join the BM with administrator rights.

           What is a limit?

The limit is the maximum amount of ads that can be delivered per day. This does not mean that you can buy BM with $50 off it without paying for advertising. You still have to pay.

           Why are additional invitations needed?

They are used as insurance. In case the main social network is banned. the acc to which the BM is attached can be attached to another social. acc to BMU and continued to pour advertising. Therefore, in our store there are products that have 2 invitations.

           How to knit BM with a link?

1. Log in to your social account

2. Follow the link, enter your first and last name; enter your social media password acca

3. Done, you got a BM, in which you are already doing what you want.
4. Be sure to remove third-party admins from bm

           What to do if BM got banned?

- If during the initial entry BM received a Ban - this is a warranty case and we give a replacement.

- If the ban arrived in the process of work, then this may be for several reasons, for example:

Ban reasons:

 Social acc was suspected of suspicious activity

- Bad cloaca

- Domain is blacklisted

- The bank that owns the plastic card is on the list of suspicions

- Map, domain, proxy - have already been used in other RK and received a ban

- Advertising prohibited materials and content

- User complaints about your ads

- Suspicious actions (for example, they tried to enter different bank cards or email once in a row)

           What should I do if it asks me to verify my email?

1. Go to Bussines Manager settings
2. We take any of our mail (better gmail.com)
3. Enter mail in settings
4. A confirmation link is sent to the mail
5. We follow the link and the mail is tied up.

If the ban arrived in the process of work, the replacement is not done.

TELEGRAM: @fbcluboff