ATTENTION: After the purchase, before started accounts, take the account id in the line and go to the service https://checkaccs.nppr.team or https://checker.fb.rip/ to check for validity, if the accounts are in the bath, write immediately replace . If you logged into your account, a check flew out and it says 30 days left, then this happened through your fault and there will be no replacements.

         SUPPORT CALL FOR A PROBLEM         

            Good afternoon! I have an invalid order.
1) Order number/payment note
2) Mail for which the order was placed
3) How did you check?
4) Did you use a proxy? Did you use a browser?
5) Detailed description of actions with accounts. Description of the problem.

         REASONS TO REPLACE BM:         

ATTENTION: BM replacements are made only on a preliminary receipt. That is, after the purchase, you need to check your BM in the checker ( https://cpa.rip/check-bm/ ) or in any other.

If the BM is blocked, a replacement is made.
If the limit does not match, a replacement is made.

If you have already managed to use the link - then the work of BM is on your conscience and the replacement will not be done.
These new rules are due to the fact that he has now begun to look hard at the "level of trust in the social account" that BM accepts.


Check accounts and BM immediately upon purchase, the time for checking accounts relative to the amount of purchase:

1-5 pieces = 20 minutes.

5-15 pieces = 30 minutes.

15 or more pieces = 2 hours.


If you bought an account or BM, but started using it, for example, only after 3 days, in this case there will be no replacement.

Write to telegram: @fbcluboff